Kim Stark (BSc Hon ST) founded Galvanise Sports Clinic to provide youths & adults access to the sport specific services used by Scottish national elite athletes. The key proactive services which help to enhance your performance & protect you from muscle imbalances & injury are:

• Injury Assessment & Rehab
• Dynamic Profiling
• Gait Analysis
• Flexibility Development
• Strength & Conditioning

Galvanise also supports coaches by transferring sports science into training & competition cover at your location.

Based within Scotstoun Sports Campus, Galvanise offers specific training in world class facilities which include:

  • Largest functional strength & conditioning gyms in the West of Scotland
  • 25m swimming pool (for hydrotherapy)
  • 2 large multi-sport halls
  • 400m athletics track & field, & 100m indoor track
  • National Badminton Academy courts
  • 11 Indoor & outdoor tennis courts
  • Rugby, football & hockey pitches

Kim is confident that her vast clinical and field-based experience, efficient service, and friendly rapport is a winning combination to make you better, faster, stronger!