Galvanise Session

Following a brief consultation, Kim will select which of the following services are best to focus on during your session, and will design you a plan of action for any subsequent sessions which may be required.

Injury Assessment or Athletic Dynamic Profiling

  • This analysis provides Kim with the data to form individualised programmes. Analysis involves: Postural alignment, Range of movement,¬†Muscle firing patterns, Stabiliser muscle endurance, Strength tests, Pain tests.

Sports Injury Rehab

  • Illustrated sport specific programmes based on flexibility, P.N.F, Remedial massage, Electrotherapy, Strength, Balance, Agility, & Power
  • Access to World class sport specific facilities

Sports Flexibility Development

  • Integrate advanced methods into your training schedule to enhance performance and recovery, and prevent injuries and imbalances. ¬†
  • Stretching: Assisted, Active Static, Dynamic, P.N.F, Soft-tissue release stretch, Ballistic, some adapted from Yoga, & Pilates.
  • Self Soft Tissue Release using Foam Roller & Tennis ball.

Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

  • Proactive sessions preventing injuries & enhancing proprioception to ensure correct alignment, joint stability, & muscle firing patterns.

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